The Best Camera Dehumidifying Dry Cabinet & What I Use

Once you start spending big on your photography equipment, it’s imperative that you also take steps to look after it. I learnt my lesson the hard way here – for the longest time I was storing my cameras and lenses in a cupboard or drawers in my desk. Until one day I found a nasty bit of mould that was growing across the glass on one of my lenses. To avoid this, you need store your equipment in one of the best camera dehumidifying dry cabinets.

These cabinets create a low humidity environment that will not allow fungus to survive, but it’s not so low that it will damage the rubbers and dry out the internal mechanisms of your camera and lenses.

One of my favourite’s is the Forspark below and what I personally use:

best camera dehumidifying dry cabinet

You’ll have plenty of space to store your gear and a lock so no sneaky fingers find their way onto your precious equipment. Relative humidity can be controlled within the range of 25%-65%.

What humidity should I keep my camera and lenses stored at is an often thought question? I think around 45% is best. You don’t want to go too low because this can also cause damage to your equipment.

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